Friday, December 30, 2016

Sonaki vitamin c shower filter Compatible for Sonaki UBS Vita Fresh VitaPure vitamin c shower filter

sonaki powder type vitamin c shower filter
Compatible for Sonaki  UBS Vita Fresh  VitaPure vitamin c shower filter
 Vitamin gel fresh shower Tap water chlorine removal Long lasting refill shower filter cartridge New 5P


100% Organic and environmentally safe
-Totally neutralizes chlorine
-De-chlorinating agent is 100% pharmaceutical grade vitamin C
-Improves condition of skin and texture of hair
-Comes with 5 Vitamin C filters
It gives better condition of skin and hair.

It is compatible with (Sonaki) company(Cool, Bio Dolphin )'s shower head product.

It prevent hair dry by neutralizing chlorinate and other harmful substance of tap water.

can be used 1 months at least,2 months maximum for one filter.

The vitamin of the filter removes chlorine disinfectant from the water which may cause the fishy smell you feel in your shower. It is normal and you do not need to worry about it.
100% Natural and environmentally safe Vitamin C filters.

1)Remove handle from shower head by unscrewing it.

2) shower filter into the handle.
3)Attach handle to the shower head. 

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